Magic Menu Christmas 2018

It’s time to combine two of my favourite things, cooking and magic! ‘Magic Menu’ is a special, intimate magic show delivered by Cahoots N.I. in conjunction with The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund For Children.

This is unlike any other menu in the world. You don’t have to eat anything, cook anything or even do the dishes because this is a MAGIC MENU! Chef Caolan, alongside his old clown expert Chef Hugo, will visit sick children in their homes, the Royal Belfast Hospital for Children and In the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

These magical chefs will bring mystery, magic, music and clowning to hilarious heights in this brand new version of the show.

Chef Hugo and Chef Caolan

Chef Hugo and Chef Caolan

American tour 2018/2019!


Hi! I’m writing this from Missouri, U.S.A. I’m currently 4 weeks in to a 6 week tour of the United States with Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries. This show is very close to my heart and as being on the road is one of my favourite things , I’m living the dream right now!

I have already performed in beautiful theatres across Florida, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina and Georgia and that’s just in the last 4 weeks! Plenty more to come as the tour continues until Mid November.

I return to Ireland in Mid November and will be available for regular bookings there until January when the 2nd leg of my American tour begins in San Francisco and finishes after 4 weeks in New York.

Check out my Facebook page and Instagram for regular pics of what I’m up to here in America. And of course, you can still contact me at any time!

On the road again! #AmericanTour #Magician #Magiclife #Theatre #MagicBelfast

Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries!

Caolan is off on tour as 'Danny Carmo' the MatheMAGICAL genius who always dreamt of being on stage.

'Prepare to be amazed, dazzled and bewildered by Cahoots NI’s mind-blowing production Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries – a spectacular show where maths, theatre and digital technology collide to create a fun and interactive performance proving that understanding maths can be fun! Meet Danny Carmo –  it’s not so long ago that he thought school and, in particular, maths wasn’t for him. He was more interested in dreaming about a future on the stage and perhaps the big screen – all he ever wanted to be was a famous magician. But when he knuckled down to learn all the tricks of the trade he realised that maths was not only essential… it was the SECRET to a whole load of magic.'

Following a hugely successful American tour enjoyed by over 30,000 people, Danny Carmo’s Mathematical Mysteries is back and bigger than ever before with a brand new interactive LED wall.

You can book tickets to see Caolan at the following theatres:

The Market Place Theatre, Armagh - 31 st May

Burnavon Theatre, Cookstown – 4th June

Alley Theatre, Strabane – 6th June

Theatre at the Mill, Newtownabbey – 9th June